I’ll be candid

SEM/SEO/webmastering from borber

You would like to own the web-site but didn’t get it yet?
You’ve got the web-site recently, but you’re not sure of how quality it is?
You own the web-site, but it needs upgrading, renewal and development?
Your web-site has fewer visitors than you would like it to have?

In all that cases you are in the right place.

I’m alone freelancer, my specialty is web mastering and Search Engine Optimization. Because of the fact that I’m working alone and have smaller additional expenses my prices always below than ones offered by web-studios or web-agentives for comparable work.

As for working quality – it depends first of all of worker’s skills, ability and experience.

How CAN I help you?

  1. Creating simple or middle simplicity web-sites. What does simple or middle simplicity web-site mean? It may be your representative in the Internet, which will inform all the world about yourself, your company, your services or your goods. It may serve to advertising and selling your goods or services via Internet.
  2. Comprehensive audit of your web-site, including audit of your web-site’s searching qualities and usability. It means comprehensive analysis of already existing web-site: it’s usability (convenience for visitors); how optimal it is to get maximal visibility in Search Engine Result Pages. The result of such analysis will be detailed information about web-site’s good and bad qualities, including site’s architecture and navigation analysis, web-site’s semantic analysis, including accordance content to keywords and search queries, analysis and recommendations for improving internal & external link structure. Accordingly to all points you’ll get, if needs, detailed revue with recommendations to improve site’s Search Engine and usability qualities.
  3. Upgrading, renewal and development web-site. I’ll help you to change design, structure, navigation of the web-site so to make it looks modern and contemporary. I can fined, adjust to your aides and add to your web-site various scripts or dynamic modules – for example, guestbooks, voting, forums, Mailing Lists etc., with customizing its to your site’s visual stile. Maintenance needs every web-site – renewing and adding content, any changing in the site if necessary.
  4. Web-site SEO-maintenance on monthly basis. Audit, analysis and optimization is only a first step. To keep high positions in Search Engine Result Page site needs permanent works on it. Searche Engenes permanently develop their algorithms, competitors don’t sleep too. If stop to work on site, it’s positions will go down very quickly. To avoid that SEO-maintenance on monthly basis is a must: improving and adding content, link building, monitoring site’s and it’s competitors positions.

How CAN’T I help you?

  1. I’m not a designer. I’m able to create easy design, properly adjust colors, create headers and prepare images using Photoshop or CorelDrow. But if you want to get anything very beautiful, it would be better to find professional web-designer.
  2. I can’t create very big site, for example, portal or web-shop with complete functionality, because it requires recourses of web-studio, for such solution it’s not enough one person’s efforts.

In all other cases you are welcome and I’ll help you!